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  • Music: I am. My room smells of new paint and it is surprisingly spacious. Our kitchen has a balcony and a view of the city's alien, sealess skyline. Last night was misty, and brown-skied Glasgow seemed to stretch out forever: it occurred to me that I was in a real city, where trains rumbled underfoot and the high roads straddled the low roads with long grey limbs in a cheerless game of Twister. In the morning, however, I found that the curtain of mist had lifted to reveal a decorous backdrop of hills in the not-too-distant distance. Relief.

The situation in the halls reminds me far too much of Big Brother: a bunch of young people are thrown together to play retarded drinking games. They do. </mini adventure> Everyone Else is a law student from Aberdeen, caught up in a frenzy of drinking and denying all non-euphoric emotion. They seem like decent people and everything, it's just a shame that all the girls are into McFly. Everyone Else also seems to know at least twenty other people from school. I never realised that the social networking you did (or, in my case, so totally didn't do) in high school would count towards how well you got on at university. Oh well. 

Even if you don't end up with Everyone Else talking over you as they zealously plot points of contact on their shared social map, there are so many unwritten conversational rules. You may talk about music, but only if you've seen the band in question live (extra points if you thought they were "shit") or have a quasi-amusing story of how, like, wasted you were the last time you heard this song. Book-talk is streng verboten, as is most movie-talk, along with expressing enthusiasm for your degree subject. I expect that more interesting conversation will come later on, when everyone has settled in properly and doesn't feel quite so obliged to be fun-loving. As usual, I find myself getting on so much better with the guys here: their introversion and cynicism is comforting to me.

Pictures and further whining are forthcoming. I've got the internet working (evidently) but MSN is acting up and causing me all kinds of woe. Oh, and I mistook the freezer for the fridge, so now I have a rock-hard cucumber (heh) and nice bottle of mineral ice.

I like it here.

EDIT: Found some Radiohead fans. :)
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